Data-Driven Clock Gating for Digital Filters

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Title: Data-Driven Clock Gating for Digital Filters
Authors string: Alberto Bonanno; Alberto Bocca; Alberto Macii; Enrico Macii; Massimo Poncino
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Page Range: pp. 96-105
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783642118012
ISSN: 0302-9743
Volume: 5953
Event Title: 19th International Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation (PATMOS 2009)
Event Location: Delft (NL)
Event Dates: September 9-11, 2009
Abstract: Digital filters implement a continuos computation and therefore generally they do not exhibit any structural idleness. This can prevent the usage of classical low-power optimizations that exploit idleness, such as clock gating. In this work, we propose a data-driven implementation of clock gating for digital filters, which relies on the observation that often times the dynamic range of the inputs uses only a small portion of the bidwith, resulting in most of the higher-order bits of the registers having very low switching activity. When this occurs, unused bits in each filter tap can be clock-gated; since all the gated flip-flops share the same idle condition (i.e., new and currently stored are identical) they can share a single clock gating cell. The number of flip-flops that can be gated with a single cell depends on the tradeoff between the power saved and the performance penalty. This technique has been applied on a digital filter used within an ultra low-power industrial design; comparison with other standard and advanced automatic clock-gating methods highlights the effectiveness of the proposed technique
Date: 2010
Status: Published
Language of publication: English
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Departments (original): DAUIN - Control and Computer Engineering
Departments: DAUIN - Department of Control and Computer Engineering
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    Date Deposited: 13 Jan 2010 11:33
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    Id Number (DOI): 10.1007/978-3-642-11802-9_14
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