Investigation on the Susceptibility of BLE Receivers to Power Switching Noise

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Titolo: Investigation on the Susceptibility of BLE Receivers to Power Switching Noise
Autori: Marco Brignone Aimonetto; Franco Fiori
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Editore: IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
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ISSN: 0018-9375
Abstract: In this paper Radio Frequency transceivers operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band are analyzed and tested. Electro- Magnetic Interference collected by antennas can propagate in the receiver front-end causing communication errors. Therefore, the parasitic coupling between PCB printed antenna and an interference source is discussed through simulations and a lumped-element equivalent circuit is proposed. The main causes of errors induced by low-frequency Electro Magnetic Interference are analyzed referring to two different front-end integrated circuits. The Low Noise Amplifier is considered responsible for communication errors. Receiver susceptibility is evaluated by injecting low-frequency interfering waveforms in the receiver front-end once the wireless communication is established. The susceptibility criteria used are the Packet Error Rate and the number of packets lost. Vulnerability to low-frequency interference was found. Some practical design guidelines are discussed for systems incorporating both RF transceiver and switching circuits.
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