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Articolo di rivista Bertana, Valentina; Potrich, Cristina; Scordo, Giorgio; Scaltrito, Luciano; Ferrero, Sergio; Lamberti, Andrea; Perrucci, Francesco; Pirri, Candido Fabrizio; Pederzolli, Cecilia; Cocuzza, Matteo; Marasso, Simone Luigi (2018)
3D-printed microfluidics on thin poly(methyl methacrylate) substrates for genetic applications. In: JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. B, NANOTECHNOLOGY & MICROELECTRONICS, vol. 36 n. 1, 01A106-. - ISSN 2166-2746 [Disponibilità ristretta]


Articolo di rivista Penna, V.; Raffa, F.A.; Franzosi, R. (2018)
Algebraic properties and spectral collapse in nonlinear quantum Rabi models. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. A, MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL, vol. 51 n. 4. - ISSN 1751-8113 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Osmieri, Luigi; Escudero Cid, R.; Monteverde, Alessandro Hugo Antonio; Ocón, P.; Specchia, Stefania (2018)
Application of a non-noble Fe-N-C catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell. In: RENEWABLE ENERGY, vol. 115, pp. 226-237. - ISSN 0960-1481
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Articolo di rivista Leone, F.; Gignone, A.; Ronchetti, S.; Cavalli, R.; Manna, L.; Banchero, M.; Onida, B. (2018)
A green organic-solvent-free route to prepare nanostructured zinc oxide carriers of clotrimazole for pharmaceutical applications. In: JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, vol. 172, pp. 1433-1439. - ISSN 0959-6526 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Oñate Salazar, Cristina Gabriela; Todaro, Carmine; Bosio, Federico; Bassini, Emilio; Ugues, Daniele; Peila, Daniele (2018)
A new test device for the study of metal wear in conditioned granular soil used in EPB shield tunneling. In: TUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 73, pp. 212-221. - ISSN 0886-7798


Articolo di rivista Riccardo, Rizzo; Maria, Alvaro; Norbert, Danz; Lucia, Napione; Emiliano, Descrovi; Stefan, Schmieder; Alberto, Sinibaldi; Subinoy, Rana; Rona, Chandrawati; Peter, Munzert; Thomas, Schubert; Emmanuel, Maillart; Aleksei, Anopchenko; Paola, Rivolo; Alessandro, Mascioletti; Erik, Försterc; Frank, Sonntag; Stevens, Molly M.; Federico, Bussolino; Francesco, Michelotti (2018)
Bloch surface wave enhanced biosensor for the direct detection of Angiopoietin-2 tumor biomarker in human plasma. In: BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, vol. 9 n. 2, pp. 529-542. - ISSN 2156-7085

Articolo di rivista Rizzo, Riccardo; Alvaro, Maria; Danz, Norbert; Napione, Lucia; Descrovi, Emiliano; Schmieder, Stefan; Sinibaldi, Alberto; Chandrawati, Rona; Rana, Subinoy; Munzert, Peter; Schubert, Thomas; Maillart, Emmanuel; Anopchenko, Aleksei; Rivolo, Paola; Mascioletti, Alessandro; Sonntag, Frank; Stevens, Molly M.; Bussolino, Federico; Michelotti, Francesco (2018)
Bloch surface wave label-free and fluorescence platform for the detection of VEGF biomarker in biological matrices. In: SENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL, vol. 255, pp. 2143-2150. - ISSN 0925-4005 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Karimi, Mohsen; Marchisio, Daniele; Laurini, Erik; Fermeglia, Maurizio; Pricl, Sabrina (2018)
Bridging the gap across scales: Coupling CFD and MD/GCMC in polyurethane foam simulation. In: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, vol. 178, pp. 39-47. - ISSN 0009-2509 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo in atti di convegno Giorcelli, M.; Savi, P.; Tagliaferro, A. (2018)
Concept, methodologies and tools for carbon for sensing devices. In: 8th IEEE INTERNATIONAL NANOELECTRONICS CONFERENCE, Singapore, January 3-5. pp. 1-2

Articolo di rivista Gliozzi, A.S.; Scalerandi, M.; Anglani, G.; Antonaci, P.; Salini, L. (2018)
Correlation of elastic and mechanical properties of consolidated granular media during microstructure evolution induced by damage and repair. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, vol. 2 n. 1, 013601-1-013601-13. - ISSN 2475-9953 [Disponibilità ristretta]

Articolo di rivista Lerma, B; Dal Palù, D; Actis Grande, M; De Giorgi, C. (2018)
Could Black Be the New Gold? Design-Driven Challenges in New Sustainable Luxury Materials for Jewelry. In: SUSTAINABILITY, vol. 10 n. 2, pp. 1-14. - ISSN 2071-1050 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Lopez-Iscoa, Pablo; Pugliese, Diego; Boetti, Nadia; Janner, Davide; Baldi, Giovanni; Petit, Laeticia; Milanese, Daniel (2018)
Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Property Relationships of Er3+-Doped TiO2 Luminescent Particles Synthesized by Sol-Gel. In: NANOMATERIALS, vol. 8 n. 1, pp. 201-214. - ISSN 2079-4991


Articolo di rivista Raoni, Rafael; Secchi, Argimiro R.; Demichela, Micaela (2018)
Employing process simulation for hazardous process deviation identification and analysis. In: SAFETY SCIENCE, vol. 101, pp. 209-219. - ISSN 0925-7535
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Articolo di rivista Massella, Daniele; Leone, Federica; Peila, Roberta; Barresi, Antonello; Ferri, Ada (2018)
Functionalization of Cotton Fabrics with Polycaprolactone Nanoparticles for Transdermal Release of Melatonin. In: JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL BIOMATERIALS, vol. 9 n. 1, pp. 1-15. - ISSN 2079-4983 [Disponibilità ristretta]


Articolo di rivista Salvo, M.; Smeacetto, F.; D'Isanto, F.; Viola, G.; Demitri, P.; Gucci, F.; Reece, M.J. (2018)
Glass-ceramic oxidation protection of higher manganese silicide thermoelectrics. In: JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY. - ISSN 0955-2219


Articolo di rivista Song, Xinrui; Hejun, Li; Casalegno, Valentina; Salvo, Milena; Ferraris, Monica; Zeng, Xierong (2018)
In-situ TiC particle reinforced TiCuZrNi brazing alloy for joining C/C composites to Ti6Al4V. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 1546-542X

Articolo di rivista Capozzi, Luigi C.; Bazzano, Marco; Sangermano, Marco; Pisano, Roberto (2018)
Inclusion complexes dispersed in polystyrene-based labels for fruit ripening on demand. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, vol. 53 n. 2, pp. 389-394. - ISSN 0950-5423 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Khan, Aamer; Jagdale, Pravin; Castellino, Micaela; Rovere, Massimo; Jehangir, Qasim; Mandracci, Pietro; Rosso, Carlo; Tagliaferro, Alberto (2018)
Innovative functionalized carbon fibers from waste: How to enhance polymer composites properties. In: COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING, vol. 139, pp. 31-39. - ISSN 1359-8368 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Antonio Gianfranco Sabato, ; Andreas, Chrysanthou; Milena, Salvo; Grzegorz, Cempura; Federico, Smeacetto (2018)
Interface stability between bare, Mn-Co spinel coated AISI 441 stainless steel and a diopside-based glass-ceramic sealant. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, vol. 43, pp. 1824-1834. - ISSN 0360-3199


Articolo di rivista Casalegno, Valentina; Salvo, Milena; Rizzo, Stefano; Goglio, Luca; Damiano, Olivier; Ferraris, Monica (2018)
Joining of carbon fibre reinforced polymer to Al-Si alloy for space applications. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADHESION AND ADHESIVES. - ISSN 0143-7496


Articolo di rivista Bella, F.; Verna, A.; Gerbaldi, C. (2018)
Patterning dye-sensitized solar cell photoanodes through a polymeric approach: A perspective. In: MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING, vol. 73, pp. 92-98. - ISSN 1369-8001 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 1 - Scopus: 0

Articolo di rivista Bruzzoniti, Maria C.; Appendini, Marta; Rivoira, Luca; Onida, Barbara; Del Bubba, Massimo; Jana, Prasanta; Sorarã¹, Gian Domenico (2018)
Polymer-derived ceramic aerogels as sorbent materials for the removal of organic dyes from aqueous solutions. In: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, vol. 101 n. 2, pp. 821-830. - ISSN 0002-7820
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 0

Articolo di rivista Baino, F. (2018)
Porous glass-ceramic orbital implants: a feasibility study. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, vol. 212, pp. 12-15. - ISSN 0167-577X [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 1

Articolo di rivista Magnacca, Giuliana; Guerretta, Federico; Vizintin, Alen; Benzi, Paola; Valsania, Maria Carmen; Nisticò, Roberto. (2018)
Preparation, characterization and environmental/electrochemical energy storage testing of low-cost biochar from natural chitin obtained via pyrolysis at mild conditions. In: APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, vol. 427, pp. 883-893. - ISSN 0169-4332 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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Articolo di rivista Mariani, A.; Nuvoli, L.; Sanna, D.; Alzari, V.; Nuvoli, D.; Rassu, M.; Malucelli, Giulio (2018)
Semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on crosslinked poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) and methylcellulose prepared by frontal polymerization. In: JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE. PART A, POLYMER CHEMISTRY, vol. 56, pp. 437-443. - ISSN 0887-624X

Articolo di rivista Aversa, Alberta; Moshiri, Mandanà ; Librera, Erica; Hadi, Mehdi; Marchese, Giulio; Manfredi, Diego; Lorusso, Massimo; Calignano, Flaviana; Biamino, Sara; Lombardi, Mariangela; Pavese, Matteo (2018)
Single scan track analyses on aluminium based powders. In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, vol. 255, pp. 17-25. - ISSN 0924-0136
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Capitolo di libro Giulio, Malucelli (2018)
Sol-Gel and Layer by Layer Methods for Conferring Multifunctional Features to Cellulosic Fabrics: An Overview. In: Textiles: Advances in Research and Applications / Boris Mahltig. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY (USA), pp. 61-86. ISBN 978-1-53612-855-0

Articolo di rivista Nisticò, Roberto; Celi, Luisella Roberta; Bianco Prevot, Alessandra; Carlos, Luciano; Magnacca, Giuliana; Zanzo, Elena; Martin, Maria. (2018)
Sustainable magnet-responsive nanomaterials for the removal of arsenic from contaminated water. In: JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, vol. 342, pp. 260-269. - ISSN 0304-3894 [Disponibilità ristretta]
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