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Articolo di rivista Hernández Simelys; Bensaid Samir; Armandi Marco; Sacco Adriano; Chiodoni Angelica; Bonelli Barbara; Garrone Edoardo; Pirri Candido; Saracco Guido (2014)
A new method for studying activity and reaction kinetics of photocatalytic water oxidation systems using a bubbling reactor. In: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, vol. 238, pp. 17-26. - ISSN 1385-8947
Web of Science: 6 - Scopus: 7
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Articolo di rivista Barera S.; Pagliano C.; Pape T.; Saracco G.; Barber J. (2012)
Characterization of PSII-LHCII supercomplexes isolated from pea thylakoid membranes by one-step treatment with α- and β- dodecyl-D-maltoside. In: PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON SERIES B: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, vol. 367, pp. 3389-3399. - ISSN 0962-8436
Web of Science: 15 - Scopus: 15

Articolo di rivista Simone Zanarini;Svetoslava Vankova;Simelys Hernandez;Vijaykumar S. Ijeri;Marco Armandi;Edoardo Garrone;Barbara Bonelli;Barbara Onida;Paolo Spinelli (2012)
CoAPO5 as a water oxidation catalyst and a light sensitizer. In: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 48, pp. 5754-5756. - ISSN 1359-7345
Web of Science: 15 - Scopus: 16
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Articolo di rivista Pagliano C.; Barera S.; Chimirri F.; Saracco G.; Barber J. (2012)
Comparison of the α and β isomeric forms of the detergent n-dodecyl-D-maltoside for solubilizing photosynthetic complexes from pea thylakoid membranes. In: BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS, vol. 1817 n. 8, pp. 1506-1515. - ISSN 0005-2728
Web of Science: 20 - Scopus: 21


Articolo di rivista Simone Zanarini;Marco Felici;Giovanni Valenti;Massimo Marcaccio;Luca Prodi;Sara Bonacchi;Pablo Contreras-Carballada;Rene M. Williams;Martin C. Feiters;Roeland J.M. Nolte;Luisa De Cola;Francesco Paolucci (2011)
Green and Blue Electrochemically Generated Chemiluminescence from Click Chemistry-Customizable Iridium Complexes. In: CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, vol. 17, pp. 4640-4647. - ISSN 0947-6539
Web of Science: 79 - Scopus: 79


Articolo di rivista Ijeri V.; Cappelletto L.; Bianco S.; Tortello M.; Spinelli P.; Tresso E. (2010)
Nafion and Carbon Nanotube nanocomposites for Mixed Proton and Electron conduction. In: JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, vol. 363, pp. 265-270. - ISSN 0376-7388
Web of Science: 29 - Scopus: 32

Articolo di rivista Tortello M.; Bianco S.; Ijeri V.; Spinelli P.; Tresso E. (2012)
Nafion membranes with vertically-aligned CNTs for mixed proton and electron conduction. In: JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE. - ISSN 0376-7388
Web of Science: 10 - Scopus: 11

Articolo di rivista Simelys Hernandez; Mauro Tortello; Adriano Sacco; Marzia Quaglio; Toby Meyer; Stefano Bianco; Guido Saracco; Candido Fabrizio Pirri; Elena Tresso (2014)
New Transparent Laser-Drilled Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide covered Quartz Electrodes for Photo-Electrochemical Water Splitting. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, vol. 131, pp. 184-194. - ISSN 0013-4686
Web of Science: 21 - Scopus: 21
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Articolo di rivista Pagliano C.; Chimirri F.; Saracco G.; Marsano F.; Barber J. (2011)
One-step isolation and biochemical characterization of a highlyactive plant PSII monomeric core. In: PHOTOSYNTHESIS RESEARCH, vol. 108, pp. 33-46. - ISSN 0166-8595
Web of Science: 14 - Scopus: 14


Articolo di rivista Bensaid S.; Centi G.; Garrone E.; Perathoner S.; Saracco G. (2012)
Towards Artificial Leaves for Solar Hydrogen and Fuels from Carbon Dioxide. In: CHEMSUSCHEM, vol. 5 n. 3, pp. 500-521. - ISSN 1864-5631
Web of Science: 127 - Scopus: 134

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