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Numero di pubblicazioni : 11.

Articolo in atti di convegno Accornero F.; Invernizzi S.; Lacidogna G.; Carpinteri A. (2012)
Acoustic Emission and Damage Analysis of Decorated Surface Structural Supports. In: 19th European Conference on Fracture ECF19, Kazan, 26-31 August 2012. [Disponibilità ristretta]
Scopus: 3

Capitolo di libro Demarchi A.; Facello A. (2013)
Earthquake risk analysis and damage assessment. In: The Value of Geoinformation for Disaster and Risk Management (VALID). Benefit Analysis and Stakeholder Assessment. Joint Board of Geospatial Information Societies (JB GIS), Copenhagen, pp. 44-53. ISBN 9788790907884

Articolo di rivista Cennamo C.; Chiaia B.; De Biagi V.; Placidi L. (2015)
Monitoring and compartmentalized structures. In: ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK UND MECHANIK, vol. 95 n. 6, pp. 638-648. - ISSN 0044-2267 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 7 - Scopus: 11

Articolo di rivista G. Niccolini; O. Borla; F. Accornero; G. Lacidogna; A. Carpinteri (2015)
Scaling in damage by electrical resistance measurements: an application to the terracotta statues of the Sacred Mountain of Varallo Renaissance Complex (Italy). In: RENDICONTI LINCEI. SCIENZE FISICHE E NATURALI, vol. 26, pp. 203-209. - ISSN 2037-4631 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 2 - Scopus: 4

Capitolo di libro Accornero, Federico; Invernizzi, Stefano; Lacidogna, Giuseppe; Carpinteri, Alberto (2015)
The sacred mountain of varallo renaissance complex in Italy: Damage analysis of decorated surfaces and structural supports. In: Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Neutron Emissions from Fracture and Earthquakes / Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello. Springer International Publishing, pp. 249-264. ISBN 9783319169552 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 0

Articolo in atti di convegno De Stefano, Alessandro; Clemente, Paolo; Invernizzi, Stefano; Matta, Emiliano; Quattrone, Antonino (2015)
Innovative technique for the base isolation of existing buildings. In: COMPDYN 2015 5th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Crete island, Greece, 25-27 May 2015. pp. 377-387
Scopus: 1

Articolo in atti di convegno Antonietta, Federico; Boccardo, Piero; Tonolo, Fabio Giulio; Vassileva, Magdalena (2015)
Damage assessment exploiting remote sensing imagery: Review of the typhoon Haiyan case study. In: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2015, ita, 2015. pp. 3556-3559
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 0

Capitolo di libro Boccardo, P.; Tonolo, F. Giulio (2012)
Haiti earthquake damage assessment: Review of the remote sensing role. In: International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - ISPRS Archives. International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, pp. 529-532.
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 1

Articolo di rivista Cimellaro, Gian Paolo; Scura, G.; Renschler, C.S.; Reinhorn, A.M.; Kim, H.U. (2014)
Rapid building damage assessment system using mobile phone technology. In: EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING VIBRATION, vol. 13 n. 3, pp. 519-533. - ISSN 1671-3664 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 10 - Scopus: 9

Articolo di rivista Cimellaro, G.P; Villa, O.; Bruneau, M. (2015)
Resilience-based design of natural gas distribution networks. In: JOURNAL OF INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS, vol. 21 n. 1, 05014005-. - ISSN 1076-0342
Web of Science: 8 - Scopus: 9

Capitolo di libro Niccolini, Gianni; Lacidogna, Giuseppe; Carpinteri, Alberto (2017)
Acoustic Emission Monitoring of In-Service Large-Sized Structures. In: Focus on Acoustic Emission Research / Claudia Barile, Giovanni Pappalettera. Nova Science Publishers New York, New York, pp. 134-149. ISBN 978-1-53611-872-8 [Disponibilità ristretta]

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