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Numero di pubblicazioni : 11.

Articolo di rivista Velardi, Salvatore; Barresi, Antonello (2002)
Methanol synthesis in a forced unsteady-state reactor network. In: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, vol. 57 n. 15, pp. 2995-3004. - ISSN 0009-2509 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 72 - Scopus: 78

Articolo in atti di convegno G. Genta (2012)
Dynamic Modelling of Planetary Rovers. In: 63° International Astronautical Congress, Naples, 1-6 October.
Web of Science: 6 - Scopus: 0

Articolo di rivista Miriam Petitti; Antonello A. Barresi; Daniele L. Marchisio (2013)
CFD modelling of condensers for freeze-drying processes. In: SADHANA (BANGALORE), vol. 38 n. 6, pp. 1-1219. - ISSN 0256-2499 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 8 - Scopus: 7

Tesi di dottorato Hajimirzaalian, Hamidreza (2014)
Robotic Biomedical Device for Recovering Cardiovascular Efficiency in Paraplegic Patients. Tesi di dottorato

Articolo di rivista Marco Scianna;Luigi Preziosi (2014)
A cellular Potts model for the MMP-dependent and -independent cancer cell migration in matrix microtracks of different dimensions. In: COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS, vol. 53, pp. 485-497. - ISSN 0178-7675 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 10 - Scopus: 10

Articolo di rivista Guala A.; Camporeale C.; Tosello F.; Canuto C.; Ridolfi L. (2015)
Modelling and Subject-Specific Validation of the Heart-Arterial Tree System. In: ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, vol. 43 n. 1, pp. 222-237. - ISSN 0090-6964 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 7 - Scopus: 7

Articolo di rivista Lorenzi, Tommaso; Chisholm, Rebecca H; Melensi, Matteo; Lorz, Alexander; Delitala, Marcello (2015)
Mathematical model reveals how regulating the three phases of T-cell response could counteract immune evasion. In: IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 146 n. 2, pp. 271-280. - ISSN 0019-2805
Web of Science: 3 - Scopus: 2

Articolo di rivista Anselmino, Matteo; Scarsoglio, Stefania; Saglietto, Andrea; Gaita, Fiorenzo; Ridolfi, Luca (2016)
Transient cerebral hypoperfusion and hypertensive events during atrial fibrillation: a plausible mechanism for cognitive impairment. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 6, 28635-. - ISSN 2045-2322
Web of Science: 11 - Scopus: 8

Articolo in atti di convegno Anselmino, Matteo; Saglietto, Andrea; Scarsoglio, Stefania; Ridolfi, Luca; Gaita, Fiorenzo (2016)
Cerebral hypoperfusions and hypertensive events during atrial fibrillation: a mechanism for cognitive impairment? In: ESC Congress 2016, Rome, Italy, August 27-31, 2016. pp. 608-609
Web of Science: 0

Articolo di rivista Delitala, Marcello Edoardo; Lorenzi, Tommaso (2017)
Emergence of spatial patterns in a mathematical model for the co-culture dynamics of epithelial-like and mesenchymal-like cells. In: MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES AND ENGINEERING, vol. 14 n. 1, pp. 79-93. - ISSN 1547-1063 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 0

Articolo di rivista D'Antonio, Gianluca; Saja, Alex; Ascheri, Andrea; Mascolo, Julien; Chiabert, Paolo (2018)
An integrated mathematical model for the optimization of hybrid product-process layouts. In: JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, vol. 46, pp. 179-192. - ISSN 0278-6125 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Scopus: 0

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