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Numero di pubblicazioni : 13.

Articolo in atti di convegno Colantonio P; Ferrero A.; Giannini F; Limiti E; Teppati V (2003)
Harmonic load/source pull strategies for high efficiency PAs design. In: 2003 IEEE MTT-S International, Philadelphia (US), 8-13 June 2003. pp. 1807-1810
Web of Science: 3 - Scopus: 11

Articolo di rivista P. Colantonio; F. Giannini; E. Limiti; A. Nanni; Camarchia V; V. Teppati; Pirola M. (2008)
Design Approach to Improve Linearity & Power Performance of Microwave FETs. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RF AND MICROWAVE COMPUTER-AIDED ENGINEERING, vol. 18 n. 6, pp. 527-535. - ISSN 1096-4290 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 1 - Scopus: 3

Articolo in atti di convegno J. Fang; J. Moreno; R. Quaglia; R. Tinivella; V. Camarchia; M. Pirola; G. Ghione (2010)
Development strategy for GaN-based high-efficiency hybrid medium-power RF amplifiers through low-cost substrate prototyping. In: Microwave Radar and Wireless Communications (MIKON), 2010 18th International Conference on, Vilnius (Lithuania), 14-16 June 2010. pp. 1-4 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 0

Articolo in atti di convegno F. Bonani;G. Ghione;M. Pirola;C. Naldi (1995)
Thermal CAD for power III-V devices and MMICs. In: Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference, 1995 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International, 1995-jul. pp. 352-357
Scopus: 4

Articolo di rivista Luca Piazzon;Rocco Giofre;Roberto Quaglia;Vittorio Camarchia;Marco Pirola;Paolo Colantonio;Franco Giannini;Giovanni Ghione (2014)
Effect of Load Modulation on Phase Distortion in Doherty Power Amplifiers. In: IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS, vol. 24 n. 7, pp. 505-507. - ISSN 1531-1309 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 9 - Scopus: 12

Articolo di rivista R. Quaglia; L. Piazzon; V. Camarchia; R. Giofrè; M. Pirola; P. Colantonio; G. Ghione; F. Giannini (2014)
Experimental investigation of bias current and load modulation effects in phase distortion of GaN HEMTs. In: ELECTRONICS LETTERS, vol. 50 n. 10, pp. 773-775. - ISSN 0013-5194 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 6 - Scopus: 6

Articolo in atti di convegno V. Camarchia; F. Cappelluti; G. Ghione; E. Limiti; D.A.J. Moran; M. Pirola (2014)
An overview on recent developments in RF and microwave power H-terminated diamond MESFET technology. In: Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and Millimetre-wave Circuits (INMMiC), 2014 International Workshop on, Leuven, Belgium, 2-4 April 2014. pp. 1-6
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 1
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Articolo in atti di convegno P. Colantonio; F. Giannini; R. Giofre; L. Piazzon; V. Camarchia; G. Ghione; M. Pirola; R. Quaglia; A. Nanni; A. Pantellini; C. Lanzieri (2014)
Improved phase linearity in source field plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. In: European Microwave Conference (EuMC), 2014 44th, Roma, 6-9 Oct. 2014. pp. 1293-1296 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 1 - Scopus: 2

Articolo in atti di convegno Fersch, T.; Quaglia, R.; Pirola, M.; Camarchia, V.; Ramella, C.; Khoshkholgh, A. Javan; Ghione, G.; Weigel, R. (2015)
Stacked GaAs pHEMTs: Design of a K-band power amplifier and experimental characterization of mismatch effects. In: IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest 2015, Phoenix, USA, May 2015. pp. 1-4 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 3

Articolo di rivista Quaglia, Roberto; Camarchia, Vittorio; Pirola, Marco; Ghione, Giovanni (2016)
GaN Monolithic Power Amplifiers for Microwave Backhaul Applications. In: ELECTRONICS, vol. 5 n. 2, pp. 1-12. - ISSN 2079-9292
Web of Science: 0 - Scopus: 2

Articolo di rivista Manfredi, Paolo; Canavero, Flavio G. (2015)
Efficient Statistical Simulation of Microwave Devices Via Stochastic Testing-Based Circuit Equivalents of Nonlinear Components. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, vol. 63 n. 5, pp. 1502-1511. - ISSN 0018-9480
Web of Science: 11 - Scopus: 16
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Articolo in atti di convegno Quaglia, R.; Camarchia, V.; Donati Guerrieri, S.; Lima, E.G.; Ghione, G.; Pirola, M.; Tinivella, R.; Luo, Q. (2009)
Real-time FPGA-based baseband predistortion of W-CDMA 3GPP high-efficiency power amplifiers: Comparing GaN HEMT and Si LDMOS predistorted PA performances. In: Microwave Conference, 2009. EuMC 2009. European, Roma, Sept. 29 2009-Oct. 1 2009. pp. 342-345 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Web of Science: 15 - Scopus: 25

Articolo in atti di convegno Camarchia, Vittorio; Quaglia, Roberto; Ramella, Chiara; Pirola, Marco (2017)
Power amplifier MMICs for 15 GHz microwave links in 0.25 μm GaN technology. In: Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Circuits (INMMIC), 2017 Workshop on, Graz, Austria, April 20-21, 2017,. pp. 1-3 [Disponibilità ristretta]
Scopus: 1

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